Michelle Shocked crashes “Short Sharp & Proud!” The play by play by Vnes of Frootie Flavors


short sharp proud march 28 2013

Poster and Concept by Michael Horne of
Pulse Productions http://www.pulseproductions.net

The Bands:
Frootie Flavors http://www.frootieflavors.com and
Beaver Fever http://www.beaverfeversantacruz.com

Venue: Moe’s Alley http://www.moesalley.com
MC: Vnes http://www.vnesofsc.com
Pix here: http://on.fb.me/Xl0pyN

When we showed up for load in at 6pm and were told that Michelle was in Santa Cruz.
She had gone to KPIG Radio and was denied entrance? (unconfirmed)

We were loading in thru the backstage side door and I’m thinking, she’s played here before and knows about this artists entrance. Sure enough, I’m about to exit the stage to get another load of gear and she pops thu the side door and on to the stage in a very impressive outfit.

I slink over to Bill Welsh, the owner of Moe’s and say, “um, Bill?”
He went over to talk to her – though she’d taken a vow of silence? It was bizarre and although we’ve seen it all in Santa Cruz, we were quite stunned!

At first she wouldn’t look Bill in the eye. He was standing between us and her as she frantically waived her “boogieboard” at us: It said “Scabs” on it: http://youtu.be/qQ-eWdcOcjE

We exited the stage area to give them space to communicate. She waived her device in my face but it was too close to read and I had to put my hands up to shield my face.

Bill, gently pulled her away from us so we could exit. About 5 mins later, we were all hanging outside waiting to finish our load in when she came up to us flashing her board at us individually. It read “Leader?”

We were all confused saying, “Leader?!?”
She scribbles, “Band Leader” and presents it to me.
I say, “There is no leader”
She stomps her feet and again presents her board to me: “Band Leader”
We all say “We’re all the leader!”

She frantically erases and scribbles “Compromise?” and presents it to me.
I shake my head respectfully but firmly “no”.
She starts to get frustrated when Bill says “Michelle, let’s go.”
He walks toward the front of the club w/ her.

We continued our load in and sound checked while he continued to try to get her to understand that due to her disruptive behavior, she was now not welcome inside the club. Originally he wanted her to be allowed inside as long as she wasn’t disruptive (he’s known her a long time.)

Michelle basically begging to be allowed on stage: http://youtu.be/htaxrX9W5K0
She just wanted to play guitar on stage.

He calmed her down eventually and she accepted the fact that she was not welcome inside (took 20+ mins). Then she set up her interactive art exhibit and strummed snippets of her awesome tunes outside the club:

Michelle Shocked outside of Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz CA
before the Frootie Flavors & Beaver Fever Show Mar 28 2013 http://youtu.be/NPfktw4J1PQ

Many people coming to the show walked right by her not realizing it was her. Stu from Frootie Flavors brought her some water. People felt bad for her. She left shortly after the music started, leaving her signs behind. it was intense!

After thoughts:

I really thought her protest was great art. A great artist is a great artist no matter what the medium. I can’t relate to her views but her stance was impressive. As a band that’s all about including everyone, it was sad that she was sitting all alone outside, excluded from the fantastic party within.

A sweet moment was when Stu from Frootie Flavors brought her a bottle of water. And we all felt very protective of her and kept an eye out for anyone who might try to harass her (no one did). You can’t fight hate with hate.

We let her be her, and we did us.

Moe’s Alley rocks! We feel so lucky to have played a gig at this legendary down home venue 🙂

Thanks to all our old pals and new for supporting the show!

I hope this brings more attention to the many great queer bands out there – we are often overlooked + under booked.

Funny Quote:
“She’s wearing the hazmat suit so she doesn’t catch Beaver Fever – it’s quite contagious!” – Val bass player for Beaver Fever AND Frootie Flavors